3D X-ray Microscopes

Sigray produces systems that span spatial resolutions from nanometers to millimeters to provide outstanding flexibility for a wide range of research application interests, including materials science, life science, semiconductor, additive manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

TriLambda-30 | Highest resolution system on the market. Enables up to three different energies within the same system, including biological (1.7 keV), mid Z (5.4 keV), and hard x-rays (8 keV)

EclipseXRM-900 | Flagship sub-micron 3D X-ray microscope featuring best in class resolution and throughput.

Apex XCT-150 | High throughput sub-micron 3D x-ray microscope capable of complete 3D acquisitions on the order of minutes. Designed for semiconductor, biological stained tissues, and battery applications.

SpecificationTriLambdaXRM-30PrismaXRM-810Apex XCT-150
GoalHighest laboratory spatial resolution XRM at 35 nmHighest resolution system with <0.3 µm spatial resolutionHighest throughput system with 0.5 µm spatial resolution. Designed for flat (semi and pouch battery) samples.
Dimensions [m]2.3 L x 1.3 W x 1.5 H2.6 L x 1.4 W x 2.2 H2.2 L x 1.2 W x 2.3 H
Weight [kg]217535232990
Resolution35 nm0.3 µm 0.5 µm
Sample Size (diameter x height)50 x 50 um300 x 500 mm 300mm wafers
Sample Weight150 g25 kg500 g
Sample Handling RobotNoOptional
Up to 20 samples (depends on sample size)
Up to 10 samples (depends on sample size)