Apex XCT-150

Rethink Impossible

Sub-Micron 3D X-ray In Minutes

Advanced semiconductor packaging & FA
Reverse engineering of PCBs
Enables intact heterogeneous packages in 3D within 10 minutes

Key Features:

0.5 Micron with Unlimited Sample Size

Image with 0.5 micron spatial resolution anywhere on samples up to 300 mm in diameter. With Apex XCT, you can streamline your FA workflows by imaging whole intact packages, wafers, and PCBs, mitigating time-consuming and destructive sample preparation protocols.

packaging fa
Isochronous Data Acquisition

Data acquisition time is independent of sample size when using Apex XCT. Unlike legacy CT systems where bigger samples equate to longer measurement times, the unique geometry of Apex XCT preserves high throughput operation even as sample sizes grow very large, such as printed circuit boards, motherboards, and wafers.

Industrial Throughput

Scans of entire boards at high resolution (8 micron voxel) can be stitched together for reverse engineering applications. The below volume shows 20 stitched volumes, with each scan taking only 36 minutes.

Unbiased Contrast

Apex XCT eliminates many of the imaging artifacts that affect operation of conventional 3D X-ray systems, such as beam hardening, streaking/curtaining, photon starvation, and metal artifacts. Compare the same region imaged with Apex XCT (Left) and a leading Conventional XRM/microCT (Right) – the Apex XCT result demonstrates a dramatic increase in image quality while also offering a significantly reduced scan time.

System Features

Sealed Tube Nanofocus Transmission X-ray Source

A state-of-the-art 25-watt 30-160 kVp nanofocus sealed tube X-ray source combines highest power and spatial resolution with maintenance-free operation.

High Efficiency Detector

The detection system of Apex XCT has been carefully optimized for high-resolution, high-throughput operation at voltages up to 160 kV. Legacy CT systems rely on thin scintillators for high-magnification imaging, which are highly inefficient at high energies. Apex XCT, by comparison, absorbs a much wider portion of the X-ray spectrum offering drastic throughput improvements.

Software: GigaRecon Tomography & Sigray3D Acquisition

GigaRecon | Tomographic reconstruction software that pairs the fastest reconstruction times with an unmatched suite of features for achieving the best result every time. Reconstruction speeds of <45 seconds are achieved for 2048 x 2048 x 2200 datasets. GiagRecon provides the fastest iterative tomography reconstruction on the market, enabling high quality image reconstruction with 5X shorter data collection time, substantially accelerating tomography imaging time over conventional FDK reconstruction.

Sigray3D | Intuitive Acquisition
  • Easy, intuitive software gets your team up and running in no time
  • Click to align the sample and start measuring in seconds
  • AI powered AutoPilot suggests the optimal settings for each sample
  • Queue up to 20 samples with the automated Sample Handling Robot (SHR)
GigaRecon provides high quality data with far fewer views required
Sigray3D features an intuitive GUI for acquiring and measuring data


Hairline RDL Cracks

Conventional CT is unable to detect RDL layer cracks even with 50+ hours of scan time. Why? Because the projected thickness of the RDL layer causes photon starvation.

Only Apex can detect sub-micron cracks in the RDL in 30 minutes regardless of the sample size.

Intact SSD Imaged in 3D in 27 Minutes

Apex eliminates the beam hardening artifacts common to conventional CT. Here, an intact SSD was imaged in 3D in 27 minutes with 8.6 micron voxel size. The cross sectional images show stunning contrast and resolution with a complete absence of streaking artifacts.

ssd failure analysis
This example of a 3D integrated circuit (3D NAND) shows the complex architecture of a modern IC, including voids in BGA, redistribution layer & under-bump metallization, and TSVs.
Targeted, Non-Destructive 3D Analysis on Large PCB at 1 micron

An intact GPU (GeForce 1070 Ti) die on its PCB was imaged with 1.0 micron voxels in 34 minutes.

gpu failure analysis
GPU imaged on intact PCB with 1.0 µm resolution. Voids in the solder ball and microbump arrasy can be clearly seen, along with through-silicon vias and 3D chip architecture.

Finding Defects in Minutes… on Full 300 mm Wafer

Failures such as cracks, non-wets, and voids can be found in 3D within minutes at high resolution. Shown on the right is an example of voids determined in a 300mm wafer and imaged within minutes. The TSV diameters are 5 micrometers.

Unbiased 3D Image Contrast Without Beam Hardening

Apex does not suffer from beam hardening like conventional CT. The unique system architecture mitigates many of the artifacts that affect 3D x-ray imaging in semiconductor inspection & FA, providing crisp, clean reconstructions in a fraction of the time.

Technical Specifications of the Apex XCT-150

OverallSpatial Resolution0.5 um
Minimum Voxel70 nm
SourceTypeNanofocus Sealed Tube Transmission X-ray Source
Voltage30 - 160 kVp
Detector(s)Type6.7 MP 50 micron pixel size 9 FPS 14x11 cm
Visible Light Camera16MP alignment camera
SoftwareCommand and ControlSigray 3D with Intuitive interface
ReconstructionGigaRecon - fastest commercial CBCT reconstruction software
Continuous (or Fly) Scan Data AcquisitionStandard
Sample Handling RobotQueue up to 20 samples without operator interventon
Linux WorkstationInterface is on a Windows workstation, while a separate robust Linux workstation controls the system. Advantageous for reliable 24-7 operation.
EPICSOpen-source software controls for maximum flexibility
DimensionsFootprint88" L x 49" W x 92" H
Travel100 mm x 100 mm x 20 mm (XYZ)
(Extended travel available upon request)
Sample Size300 mm diameter x 20 mm height


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